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Choices FAQ

Choices & SNAP E&T Program

  1. What is TANF?

    Temporary Assistance for Needy Families operating under a work first service model. This program is designed to assist families in job search for full-time employment.

  2. What is SNAP?

    Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a funding source that allows states to provide employment and training and related supportive services to individuals receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly known as food stamps) benefits.

  3. What is monthly TANF?

    Monthly cash grant provided through HHSC to individuals who meet certain residency, income, and resource criteria as provided under federal and state statutes and regulations.

  4. What is OTTANF?

    OTTANF (One-time TANF) is a lump sum grant of $1,000 offered through HHSC and intended to help TANF applicants experiencing short-term crises by providing upfront financial assistance along with exposure to the services offered by Workforce Solutions Offices. TANF applicants who receive OTTANF are not eligible to participate in Choices or receive TANF assistance for the 12 months following receipt of OTTANF.

  5. What is a conditional applicant?

    An adult or teen head of household who left TANF in a sanctioned status, but who is re-applying for TANF that must demonstrate cooperation with Choices program requirements for 4 consecutive weeks.

  6. What does mandatory participant mean?

    A TANF or SNAP recipient who is required to participate in program requirements.

  7. What does exempt mean?

    A TANF or SNAP recipient who is not required to participate in program services, but may volunteer to participate.

  8. What is non-cooperation?

    A lack of response to outreach notices or a failure to participate in activities according with the employment plan.

  9. What is a sanction?

    A penalty imposed due to non-cooperation of mandatory requirements.

  10. What is a work code?

    Codes assigned by HHSC to individuals who apply for TANF cash assistance.

  11. What is an 1836A/B form?

    The 1836A/B form is an HHSC medical form used to potentially exempt a client from participating.