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Board & Staff

About the Board Members

The board size is usually about 28 (and allowed up to 30) members serving 3-year memberships. Members come from:

  • Area educators
  • City economic developers
  • Non-profit agencies / community-based organizations
  • Private sector employers
  • TWC
  • Veteran groups
  • Vocational rehabilitation
State Rules

State rules on board composition (page 9-16, CEO Membership Guide (PDF)) detail the specifics on manning in order to create boards with a diverse outlook to address all aspects of the job sector. Board training requirements for each member ensure each person is prepared as a valuable member of the board.

Board Structure

The CVWDB organization is composed of an executive committee and supporting committees as determined by the board. The board executive committee is composed of a chairman, vice chairman, and secretary-treasurer and supplemented by the committee chairs.

A key responsibility of the Board is oversight of Board staff and the Contractor of the one-stop services center. Board members regularly evaluate the Board's staff and its contractor's progress, expenditures and performance.

About the Board Staff

The CVWDB Board staff is responsible and accountable for:

  • Establishing the direction and future of workforce development programs for the Concho Valley
  • Maintaining comprehensive fiscal systems
  • Developing the workforce plan and board policies
  • Complying with all applicable state and federal statutes and regulations
  • Complying with the rules governing administration of grants and agreements
  • Meeting Board-specific and statewide performance standards
  • Monitoring contractor and subcontractors
  • Meeting any additional benchmarks set for the Concho Valley area
  • Ensuring high quality service delivery in the Workforce Center
Counties Served

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