As Founder and CEO of MedHab, a device company specializing in health care and sports performance remote technology, it is my pleasure to offer a special recommendation to the Concho Valley Workforce Development Board.

In 2012, MedHab secured an economic incentive package from the City of San Angelo. While working on this agreement, it was recommended that we work with the local Workforce Development Board. At that time, we were unfamiliar with services rendered by them, but – after an initial meeting, it became abundantly clear that this was a partnership we could not do without.

Initially the board assisted us as we focused on developing job descriptions for the various employees needed to operate MedHab, to include call center, distribution, and final assembly positions. As our relationship grew, they basically became our human resources department. In doing so, they posted positions, developed standardized tests and tested potential candidates, conducted phone screen, and initial interviews, and made recommendations regarding appropriate candidates. As a start-up company, these services were invaluable and afforded us the opportunity to channel financial resources to other areas of the business requiring funding. To this day the local Workforce Board still operates in this capacity for MedHab.

The Concho Valley Workforce Development Board and Workforce Solutions is an integral partner to MedHab. Currently, they are helping us develop manufacturing, technical support, and call center training manuals to include videos of each work station, to which all is funded through grants.

It would be difficult for MedHab to locate, hire, and train employees without the support of the local Workforce Board and Workforce Solutions. Their continued support and partnership is invaluable and our company highly recommends employers of all to types to engage the services of your local Workforce Board. They are part of my company!

For a personal discussion regarding this endorsement, please feel free to contact me.

Johnny Ross
Founder and CEO, MedHab
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